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I have an infatuation
Not so big as nun's
Not so big as housewife’s
But big enough to carry you like bird
Into my crowded nest
But clean and hearty
Believe me (You have to).

I think I love you
Like I loved before
So few so young
I never got there
Probably I will never do
But I think I love you.

You are happy like a puppy
Keep like this
Smiling and showing your face like a toothpaste ad
It's good for me
To think that I'm all by myself
Like an old man in an asylum
With some soup, some sleep and talks

My family is still here
They still take care of me
Although I'm 30 and something (how old are we?)
Sometimes I fell ashamed and small
They expected a life for me
Not a sparkling one
Not a dazzling one
But a dignified one
You know, like lawyers have
Or butchers

Is this what really is?
What sort of thing did I create?
Did my brain do that?
Or was it obliged by some angel?
Is this a joke or a future?

You are plain like a cemetery
Gray and strong like a father
You are invincible
I’m dead
You couldn't take me
I'm too light
I don't have big problems
Nor issues

Let me stay her
Shut the door
My parents like you
But you can't come
Let me here
With my books
And my stained thoughts.

Gian Luca

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Rafael Ayala disse...

So sad, so strong.