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Just a little

You smile and never cry.
Clean like movie-stars
Your money buying horses
And baby-sitters. You look
At me as if I were a hunchback
Who gives money to black beggars

You never cry. Your stupid
Giant mouths, fitting in brand new clothes
Like primary students.
I could put a dog in those mouths
But my hands are as empty as streets
Chew. Chew. Chew.
This is the only thing you know.

Your eyes once shone
It was probably the effect of my pink eyes
My gluey straigth eyes
And my heart, as big as Christmas.
When I left childhood behind
You died. And it was so soon!
You never expected.

You smile and never cry.
Yesterday shoes
Today sex
Tomorrow more tomorrows
I write faintly

You smile and never cry.

Gian Luca.

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Victor Tanaka disse...

Decidi premiar o blog de vocês com o selo dos Prêmios Dardos. (:
Entre no meu blog e pegue o seu! (: